Kim Boo-sun “I will not make any political comments…I will return as an actor”

Kim Boo-sun. Photo|Star Today DB

Actress Kim Boo-sun (60) declared her return as an actress and said she would not make political or social remarks.

Kim Boo-sun wrote on her Facebook page on Friday, “I will not make any political or social remarks from today.”

“The act of provoking me to attack someone is no different from that of bullies,” she said. “For example, like Hong, these words are free or unfaithful.”

Referred to her casting ‘Mr. Hong’ Rep. Hong Joon-pyo of the people power appears to be mean. Referring to the scandal between Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jae-myung and Kim Boo-sun in 2018, Hong once said, “I am suspected of having an affair free of charge because Governor Lee likes it so much.”

“I started climbing the mountain again yesterday to return as an actor, and thankfully, my body remembered and was able to succeed easily,” Kim Boo-sun said, declaring her return as an actor, saying, “I will appear again in a good movie by winter.”

Finally, she added, “Thank you for apologizing and leaving comforting comments to those who have listened to the hard complaints.”

Kim Boo-sun sued Governor Lee Jae-myung in September 2018 for defamation, as he was entangled in a so-called “actress scandal.” Governor Lee claimed through SNS that he suffered mental and economic damage by driving him as a mythomaniac. However, in November of the same year, he abruptly dropped the libel charges, saying, “I don’t want to suffer from any more related cases.” Since then, Kim Boo-sun has also filed a lawsuit against Governor Lee Jae-myung for 300 million won in damages in September 2018.
Since then, Kim Bu-sun has pointed at Governor Lee, saying, “It is a black comedy to be a presidential candidate.”

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Cannes will not make any political or social remarks from today.

The act of provoking me to attack someone is no different from a bully. For example, like Hong, free of charge or affair, these kinds of course.

I started climbing the mountain again yesterday to get back to being an actor, and thankfully my body remembers and quickly succeeds? I could’ve done it. After building the perfect Hollywood thigh muscles, I’ll be back in the winter as a good movie.

I’ve apologized a lot for listening to my hard complaints and thank you for your words of consolation. Well, take care of the heat. Farewell ^^ Ps Late But Practical Life!

[Shin Young-eun, Star Today reporter]

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