Kim Ki-wook “I almost had my leg amputated…Thanks for the little things after surgery, now 100 million won in monthly sales”

Kim Ki-wook, a comedian-turned-businessman, said his values have changed since his leg surgery.

YouTube channel “Insane Chatter” posted up to 2 billion won in annual sales after a leg amputation on the 24th.A video titled ‘ssul’ has been released.

In the video, Kim Ki-wook said that he is still receiving a lot of love 16 years later as a corner of SBS gag program “Finding a Smile” in 2005.

Kim Ki-wook said, “At that time, the appearance fee was 100,000 won per episode of Hwasang High School because of the double contract.” Kim Ki-wook said, “I made little money from Hwasang High School,” and Lotte Confectionery CF came in three weeks after his debut (with the popularity of Hwasang High School). “In just four weeks, I shot a commercial for Paldo Bibimmyeon alone.”

He told a story about how he was able to do the “Broadcast High School” section for only three months. Kim Ki-wook said, “People don’t really know that I got hurt very badly while playing stake-throwing in ‘X-Man’. “I was hitting my knee, and when someone got on from above, my foot turned upside down.”

“119 came in and carried it. I went to the hospital, and I saw, ‘Huh? They’re all out here. Here’s the artery that flows behind it.’ It stretched and thinned the arteries. Also, the blood was not circulating as it stretched. “This kind of thing cuts off the leg,” he recalled.

“Afterwards, before the emergency surgery, the doctor told me that he was going to have a left leg amputation. At that time, I was so injured at a young age and my legs hurt so much that I only thought, “Please cut it quickly.”

“When I woke up, I was most worried about my legs. When I asked the nurse, ‘Do you have legs?’ she said, ‘Yes. There is a bridge,’ he said. “I shed tears without realizing it.”

After the surgery, Kim Ki-wook said that the values of life have changed. “I’m grateful for what was there. Thank you for the little things. “I’m so happy.” “Since then, values have not changed. “I’m grateful for the small things and I smile a lot.”

Currently, Kim Ki-wook is working with former comedian Oh In-taek on video production. “We’ve been in business for a little over a year. It operates eight to nine channels. “There are ten employees,” he said.

“Sales started coming out in August last year,” he said. According to sales from August to December of last year, about 300 million to 400 million won came out. “We made about 100 million won in sales a month,” he said. “We are setting a goal of 2 billion won this year.”

[Star Today intern reporter Ji-young Lee]

photo| YouTube Channel ‘Crazy Water’
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