Kim Sang-hyuk, a heartfelt confession… “I wish bad people were punished”

Kim Sang-hyuk, a former member of Click-B, left a meaningful message.

On the 29th, Kim Sang-hyuk posted on his Instagram story, “I wish bad people were punished. If I am punished less, I hope that everyone will be punished equally as much as I am guilty.” In the photo released together, there is a street at night.

Earlier, on the 23rd, Kim Sang-hyuk appeared on the YouTube channel ‘Aedong Sindang’ and mentioned divorce. “I just want to think that it was the wrong choice for each other,” he said.

In response, ex-wife Song Da-ye posted on her Instagram, “I think you want to be an issue. Shall we reveal it as cool as we want? Who is thinking of whom and saying what? One more mention and I’ll reveal it. Let’s not touch people who live quietly,” she complained of displeasure.

He said, “Kim Sang-hyuk cosplayed as a victim. My name, which has nothing to do with the entertainment industry, goes up and down in articles from time to time. The people around them are also being harmed. If I mention divorce once again, I will disclose everything.”

Kim Sang-hyuk and Song Da-ye got married in April 2019. The two appeared on TV Chosun’s ‘Taste of Wife’ and boasted of their extraordinary relationship, but in April of last year, on the first anniversary of their wedding, the news of their divorce was brought to the fore.

[Star Today intern reporter Ji-young Lee]

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