Kim Sung-chul said, “Lee Sang-yi, who ran to the fallen Kim Go-eun, fell into a claw, when we were students of Korea National University of Arts”

Actor Kim Sung-chul released an episode of his 10th year at the Korea National University of Arts.

On the 27th, YouTube channel Cosmopolitan Korea released a video titled “Kim Sung-chul’s 40-minute hike in Cheonggye Mountain. A low-world tension interview with controversial explanations, singing, playing guitar, and monodrama.”

In the video, a netizen asked, “Korea National University of Arts legend’s 10th grade (Kim Go-eun, Kim Sung-chul, Park So-dam, Ahn Eun-jin, Lee Sang-eun, Lee Yoo-young) is famous. Any unforgettable episodes with his colleagues?”

In response, Kim Sung-chul recalled the time, saying, “We had a lot of fun things.”
“There was a time like that. Go-eun collapsed while taking a class. Sang-yi said, “Huh? “What? Go-eun!” she said, “He tripped on the threshold and my toenail fell out.”

“Everyone went to Go-eun and went to Sang. Sang went to the health center for treatment. “On the contrary, Go-eun is fine,” she said, drawing laughter.

Kim Sung-chul picked adventure as one word to express himself. “I’m living a very adventurous life these days. I’m trying to experience a lot of things. “We are jumping into an unknown world without fear.

When asked, “Is it valid to answer ‘crazy’ in the past?” he said, “It’s a little boring to say that he’s crazy again, even though he’s still crazy.” “He’s an adventurous crazy guy,” drawing attention.

[Star Today intern reporter Ji-young Lee]

photo| Captured from YouTube ‘Cosmopolitan Korea’
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