Lawyer Park Ji-hoon “The accused man’s lawyer got down on his knees and asked for forgiveness 57 times”

Ki Sung-yong, soccer player. Photo|Han Hye-jin SNS

While lawyer Song Sang-yeop, a former national team member who was embroiled in sexual assault allegations, resigned due to health problems, lawyer Park Ji-hoon of the current law firm, revealed that “lawyer Song visited me 57 times to apologize on his knees.”

Lawyer Park Ji-hoon issued a press release on the 29th and said, “I crossed the line with lawyer Song suddenly visiting me around 2 p.m. on the 17th, kneeling down and begging for forgiveness.” “The accused man’s lawyer repeated ‘I apologize’ 57 times.”

Lawyer Song even offered some kind of deal, saying, “I will do what I can for the victims.” “Then, as the formation of public opinion turned against him, lawyer Song Sang-yeop of Ki Sung-yong is playing ugly media again.”

“Unavoidably, we will release a recording of our conversation with Song at 2 p.m. on the 17th. The recording of the conversation contains the servile appearance of lawyer Song of Ki Sung-yong’s side, but it has to be disclosed to the media to correct the distorted facts by lawyer Song.

Ki Sung-yong’s side said, “I hope that you will stop playing the ugly media and faithfully engage in the investigation by the investigation agency. “The ruling is not made by public opinion, but by law enforcement agencies.”

According to the recording file released by lawyer Park, lawyer Song said, “I think I went too far. I think this is really something to apologize for. I’m so sorry. “Save me,” he says. Lawyer Park said, “I’m a little embarrassed to hear that. “I’m not in this position to forgive you.”

Earlier in February, C and D, former soccer players, revealed that they were sexually assaulted by two seniors, including A, in January to June 2000, while they were in a soccer club at an elementary school in South Jeolla Province. Mr. C and Mr. D did not reveal the real name of the player A, and explained that he was “a star player from the national team who recently joined a prestigious club in the Seoul metropolitan area. Since then, Ki Sung-yong has been named player A.

Ki Sung-yong pleaded innocent at a press conference on Feb. 27. He later filed a lawsuit against C and D and filed a lawsuit against them for damages of 500 million won. Ki Sung-yong was questioned at Seocho Police Station in Seoul on March 31 as a complainant.

Later on the 17th, lawyer Park said, “Ki Sung-yong’s lawyer came today and said he would resign,” and added, “I repeatedly said I would withdraw from the case and expressed my apologies.”

Lawyer Song said on the 22nd, “I recently announced my intention to resign to Ki Sung-yong due to worsening diabetes,” adding, “I hope Park will play fair and squarely based on facts and grounds, not media play and incitement.” “I hope Ki Sung-yong’s innocence will be revealed.”

Meanwhile, Ki Sung-yong married actress Han Hye-jin, who is eight years older, in 2013 and had a daughter.

[Shin Young-eun, Star Today reporter]

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