‘Playing Bro’ Baek Ji-hoon’s rumor about a romantic relationship with Hong Kong chaebol woman… the truth?

In “Playing Bro,” Taeguk Warriors Cho Won-hee and Baek Ji-hoon, who made 60 million Red Devils cry and laugh, appear.

The T-channel entertainment program “Playing Bro,” which will air on the 30th, will feature Cho Won-hee, a multi-player from the Premier League, and Baek Ji-hoon, a “Blue Bird of Victory,” who led to victory with a come-from-behind goal in the 2005 U-20 World Cup.

The first course of the Yongtaek Tour with the two Taegeuk Warriors, Cho Won-hee and Baek Ji-hoon, is a bucket list bungee jumping pro broodle, which Park Yong-taek has been looking forward to. Attention is focusing on whether Park Yong-taek, who does not hide his swollen heart, can spread his wings wide and fly like a butterfly.

However, a number of bros are saying that they can’t jump on the 15-story bungee jump stand that makes me dizzy just by looking at it. In particular, even Taeguk Warriors Cho Won-hee and Baek Ji-hoon, who have the heart of warriors, are said to be very nervous, doubling the excitement of which bros will bravely succeed in the challenge.

Meanwhile, Cho Won-hee, a former Premier League player, revealed the behind-the-scenes story of a legendary own goal that led to an own goal two minutes before the end of the game when he was playing for Suwon FC. He even revealed his own goal story on overseas topics, raising more curiosity by revealing the funny and sad story of the time.

Cho Won-hee also reveals that there is a rumor that Baek Ji-hoon, who became a “little prince in soccer” by capturing fans’ hearts with his flower beauty that connects Ahn Jung-hwan, met with a Hong Kong chaebol girl. Then, Baek Ji-hoon confesses the truth about the rumor, raising curiosity.

As such, “Playing Bro,” which contains the challenge of bungee jumping by Taegeuk Warriors and Brodlers, will air at 8:50 p.m. on the 30th and will be streamed exclusively on Watcha.

[Dagyeom Lee, Star Today reporter]

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