‘Radio Star’ Lee Kyung-sil, reenactment of Gura-chin? ‘Three Wheels’ chemistry

Broadcaster Lee Kyung-sil will show off his chemistry with Gura Kim.

Broadcaster Lee Kyung-sil will show off her chemistry with Kim Gu-ra.

MBC’s high-quality talk show “Radio Star” (planned by Kang Young-sun, directed by Kang Sung-ah), which is scheduled to air at 10:20 p.m. on the 30th, will feature four main characters, Lee Kyung-sil, Sunwoo Yong-yeo, Kim Ji-sun and Jo Kwon, who changed the game.

“Three Wheels” was MBC’s representative talk show, which provided raw fun that could not be seen on any broadcast. It has not only opened a new chapter in collective talk with “Together Talk” by so-called “Zumma” stars such as Lee Kyung-sil, Sunwoo Yong-yeo and Kim Ji-sun, but also produced new stars, including Jo Kwon.

Even though it’s been a long time since it ended, the famous scenes of “Three Wheels” are still drawing attention online. When the special episode of “Three Wheels Is Bag” prepared by “Radio Star” was announced, viewers expressed their expectations, saying, “Watch it live!”

The main characters of “The Three Wheels” boast all-time tension by releasing episodes and personal talents that explode like spring water, such as “Serious Dragon Girl” Sunwoo Yong-yeo, “Birthday Dream” Kim Ji-sun, and “Kkap Kwon” Jo Kwon.

Lee Kyung-sil was the first person to grab Kim Gu-ra’s chin while playing the role of a “gura-catching character” when “Three Wheels” was aired. Lee Kyung-sil, who appeared in “Radio Star” for the first time in 12 years, said, “Gura is generous with her chin.” and still boasts of her chemistry with Kim Gu-ra.

Lee Kyung-sil also said, “The highest viewer rating of ‘The Three Wheels’ was up to 25 percent.
“Three laps is the original,” the group talk said. “There was a new term called ‘Zumma-tainer’ (Ajumma + Entertainer),” expressing pride in ‘three laps’.

Jo Kwon, who earned the nickname “Kkap Kwon” for his enchanting hip-shaking dance and lively charm in “Three Wheels,” surprisingly confesses, “Lee Kyung-sil has a stake in my pelvis,” making me wonder why.

Cho Kwon also recalls the memories of viewers by telling them how he survived among talent-rich entertainers when he appeared in “Three Wheels” and why he had to face countless challenges after gaining “Kkap Kwon” characters.

The special episode of “Three Wheels Is Bag” with the four main characters of “Three Wheels” will be available on “Radio Star,” which will air at 10:20 p.m. on the 30th.

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