Will Linu become ‘Voice King’?


The public’s attention is focused on whether singer Linu will become the ‘Voice King’.

The final episode of MBN’s ‘Voice King’ will be broadcast at 8:30 pm on the 29th.

Linu, who had previously entered the semi-finals, drew everyone’s attention with an exciting dance stage that had never been shown before with Park Kang-seong, and gave a heartfelt ‘always’ stage in his personal mission, and colored the small screen with emotion.

In particular, Linu, who put everything on ‘Voice King’, prepared the stage with all his devotion, and along with Kim Jong-seo, who ranked first in the semi-finals, earned the highest score in the Chungchung evaluation team, and confirmed to advance to the finals with 3rd overall ranking.

Linu, who has captured the public’s attention since appearing with an appealing tone and comfortable high notes, has been given the modifiers “I wish it were now” for her mother, “Monster vocal”, the refreshing “Love Rain”, and “Beautiful Gangsan” that showed the fighting spirit of injury. Until then, he showed various appearances on each stage and imprinted the two letters of the singer ‘Linu’ on the viewers.

On the stage filled with Linu’s cool high notes and deep emotions, viewers responded enthusiastically by cheering for Renu’s victory, such as “Let’s go win Linu”, “I am moved by the song that Linu always puts his or her best effort into”, and “I support him to continue to win” are sending

As such, attention is focused on whether Linu, who has proven his superior skills through ‘Voice King’ and established himself as a strong candidate for the championship, will be able to become the main character of the ‘Voice King’ crown and defeat powerful competitors.

Meanwhile, Linu’s final stage will be broadcast on MBN ‘Voice King’ at 8:30 pm on the 29th.

[Jin Hyang-hee, Star Today reporter]
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