Bae Jong-ok, Seo Yi-sook, Jung Jae-eun, Hwang Young-hee appear in ‘The Dressing Room’… open in august

Anton Chekhov’s “The Seagull” will open at the Free Theater in Daehakro in August and September, with female and male versions, respectively. It is the first overseas concert since the death of Kunio Shimizu, the master of modern Japanese theater.

The dressing room is the representative work of famous Japanese playwright Shimizu Kunio, who passed away in April this year, and is considered one of the most cumulative performances in Japan since its premiere in 1977. In 2009, Japanese actors Kyoko Koizumi, Yuu Aoi, Nozomi Muraoka, and Eri Watanabe appeared, drawing attention.

The play, which reflects each era, and the joys and sorrows of actors preparing for such theatrical stages, have been steadily performed not only in Japan but also in Britain and Europe in recognition of its work quality.

Set in a dressing room in a theater where “The Seagull” is performing, it is a comedy that depicts actors’ passion for the stage, longing for roles, and remorse for life. The four actors, who have experienced different times, play the main scenes of classic masterpieces such as Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” Chekhov’s “The Seagull” and “Three Sisters,” and release their stories on stage.

In particular, this performance is more eye-catching as it heralds two different attractions, the female actor version and the male actor version. Both versions tried to contain comfort, mourning and hope for all life in the process of adapting the background of the original work and the stories of the characters to the same era. The female actor version, which will be released first in August, will be directed by Shin Kyung-soo, followed by the male actor version, which will open in September, by Oh Se-hyuk.

The production company T2N Media said, “It’s a story that actors behind the stage aspire to be on stage, and at the same time, it’s a story about those who wanted to live a full life as mine,” adding, “I hope this work will help us find myself and comfort each other.”

As it is a play about the actors’ stories in the dressing room behind the stage, prominent actors and actresses gathered for the performance.

Actors Seo Yi-sook and Jung Jae-eun, who are active on and off the stage with TV channels, have been cast in the role of “A,” who mainly plays prompters or men’s minor roles and has a dream of playing women. The two are not confident in their acting in the drama, but will play the role of “A” with a serious and attractive acting tone.

Actor Bae Jong-ok and Hwang Young-hee, who show off their irreplaceable presence regardless of genre, will share the role of B, who has a great yearning for the role of Nina in “The Seagull.” “A” and “B”, who have relied on each other for many years, reminisce about their past while watching “C” preparing for the performance.

On top of that, Son Ji-yoon of the plays “Wife,” the dramas “Missing: They Were,” and “Secret Forest 2” and actor Woo Jung-won, who showed impressive acting with the plays “Jo-sigoa, seeds of revenge” and the drama “Hwayang Yeon-hwa,” play Nina of the drama “The Seagull.” “C” is a character who constantly memorizes lines in the dressing room and maintains tension.

D, who plays the prompter of Nina’s “C,” was casted as Lee Sang-ah, who made a mark with the musicals “1976 Halan County” and “Bernarda Alba,” and Jiwoo from the drama “Youth Generation 2” and the movie “Perfect Strangers.” As “D,” who always carries a pillow in his arms, begins to delusion that he was actually playing Nina, the dressing room takes a new turn.

The play “Makeup Room,” which heralded a special stage this summer, will open on August 7th (Saturday) at the Freedom Theater in Daehangno, and will open its first ticket on the 7th (Wednesday) next week through ticket links to reservations and Interpark tickets.

[Shin Young-eun, Star Today reporter]

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