Baek Ji-hoon, barely succeeded in hitting the cone with the ball… Jo Jun-ho “As expected, a football genius” (‘Playing Bro’)

Former soccer player Baek Ji-hoon succeeded in hitting the cone with the ball after about 50 attempts.

On the 30th, on the E-channel entertainment program ‘Playing Bro’, ‘Cho Won-hee’s stunt makes Baek Ji-hoon sweat. I have to go, I have to go! (Sorry ver)’ was released in advance.

In the video, Jo Jun-ho mentioned Cho Won-hee, who posted a ball match on SNS saying, “I saw that.” He said, “Won-hee, who can’t kick the ball, let’s get Ji-hoon as the representative.” suggested to try.

In Baek Ji-hoon’s first challenge, the ball lightly brushed past the cone. Jo Jun-ho said, “The difference is two perilla leaves. Just adjust it slightly to the right.” His face brightened with anticipation.

But Baek Ji-hoon’s ball continued to swerve. Baek Ji-hoon said, “Is this going to happen? I think it will take more time to succeed than bungee jumping.” Cho Won-hee said, “Even if it takes two hours, I have to get it right. Right now we haven’t done anything.”

Baek Ji-hoon said, “I want to match it too. How about putting the ball on the ground and kicking it from the inside?” Cho Won-hee said, “Do it first. I didn’t do anything,” he shouted. Baek Ji-hoon said, “Your brother, do well. I couldn’t even bungee jump.” He threw a fastball, making Jo Won-hee keep her mouth shut.

When Jo Jun-ho asked, “How many free kicks did you score during your active duty?” Baek Ji-hoon answered, “One goal. There aren’t as many (goals) as I thought,” he said calmly, bringing laughter.

After seeing Baek Ji-hoon sweating like a waterfall, Jo Jun-ho was worried, “Why are you sweating like this?” Is this sweaty? I really feel like I’m going to die.”

Baek Ji-hoon, who concentrated on the challenge again, failed with a single sesame leaf difference. He hit the cone exactly in the next half a hundred times in the very next challenge. Baek Ji-hoon, who succeeded, roared in Jo Jun-ho’s arms.

Jo Jun-ho said, “How did you succeed in this at once? As expected, soccer genius Baek Ji-hoon is different.”

[Star Today intern reporter Ji-young Lee]

Photo|E channel ‘Nono Bro’ broadcast screen

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