BTS Jimin, attract women’s hearts with ‘Hot Guy’ moment

Group BTS Jimin bombed the hearts of fans around the world with the concept of a hot guy.

In BTS’s third concept photo released at midnight on the 30th, Jimin set fire to fans with a “hot guy” moment that perfectly matches the hot summer.

Set in an old gas station in the hot sun, like a scene in a youth movie starring James Dean, Jimin perfected his Newtro fashion, matching intense red hair, white sleeveless T-shirt and dirty jeans. Jimin holds a hose like a car wash and turns his body diagonally to spray water, revealing his strong arm muscles under the hot sun.

In addition, a photo of his lying sideways with one arm on his head in an old car shows off his sexy charm with a perfectly balanced and handsome face. His eyes can’t be taken away from his eyes, which are faint and deep, as if he is in a state of excellence.

Jimin’s photo, along with other members’ photos, is showing explosive reactions shortly after its release. In Japan, it ranked first in the Japanese celebrity search ranking just 15 minutes after the concept photo was released, and “PARK JIMIN” and “Jiminie” swept the world’s real-time trend and real-time popularity trend in the U.S.

Noel Devoy, editor-in-chief of the U.S. Elite Daily, began “I’m sorry, but this is illegal” and expressed his fan sentiment, saying, “I didn’t want to buy an album to save money, but I bought it as a set when I saw Red Hair Jimin in front of the car wash.”

U.S. a cappella singer and actress Nina Nielsen repeated “Jimin in the car wash” and responded enthusiastically with loudspeakers and applause emoticons.

MTV’s official British account expressed its overflowing love, saying, “The picture of him (Jimin) has a tattoo inside my eyelids,” and the world-renowned ice cream brand Magnum also appeared to be in love, saying, “I’m ecstatic.”

Meanwhile, BTS set a phenomenal record of No. 1 on Billboard’s main single chart “Hot 100” for five consecutive weeks with its second English song “Butter,” heralding another record break next week.

[Sung Jeong-eun, Star Today reporter]

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