‘Cultwo Show’ Park Jae-jung “I want to applaud you for taking the top spot on the music chart”

Singer Park Jae-jung expressed her feelings about topping the music charts with MSG Wannabe.

The group NCT Dream appeared as a guest on SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show”, which aired on the 30th. Singer Park Jae-jung was with the special DJ.

On the same day, Park Jae-jung said, “I recently released a new song.” DJ Kim Tae-kyun said, “I know. It’s ranked first on the music charts. “How do you feel?” Park Jae-jung said, “I feel so good. “I want to applaud myself.”

“I should have participated,” Kim said. In fact, my house is very close to the broadcasting station.”

Kim Tae-kyun said, “Now we played ‘Looking at You’ as our first song.” It is a song by a group formed on MBC and played on SBS. Our first song is originally a pop song, but it came out.”

Park Jae-jung couldn’t hide her smile, saying, “Our fans are very happy right now.”

He is currently working as a member of MSG Wannabe M.O.M., a project group that was decided by the MBC TV show ‘How do you Play?’. MSG Wannabe is gaining popularity by releasing its debut song “I only look at you” on the 26th.

[Reporter Jae-eun Kim, Star Today intern]

Photol SBS Visible Radio

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