Hwang Jung-min is coming… ‘Hostage: Missing Celebrity’ confirmed for 15-year-olds

The movie “Hostage: Missing Celebrity” has been confirmed to be rated for viewers aged 15 or older, and released Hwang Jung-min’s character stills.

The movie “Hostage: Missing Celebrity” is a reality action thriller about actor Hwang Jung-min, who was kidnapped early in the morning without evidence or witnesses. Actor Hwang Jung-min, who created box office hits every summer, such as “Veteran,” which has surpassed 10 million viewers by creating many buzzwords, “The Spy Gone North,” which succeeded in making a box office hit with a high-quality well-made movie, and “Deliver Us from Evil.”

Hwang Jung-min, played by him, is a character who runs an extreme escape after being captured and taken hostage by unidentified gunmen. In addition to Hwang Jung-min, who has played various characters such as a killer, detective and agent, “The Hostage” for the first time, “The Hostage” is also exciting to prospective audiences in that it is the first movie he chose in 2021. As “The Hostage” has been confirmed as an audience price for 15 years of age or older, it also heralded Hwang Jung-min’s action thriller this summer that can be enjoyed by anyone of all ages.

The released Hwang Jung-min character still draws attention with Hwang Jung-min’s intense eyes as he escapes from the hostage-takers’ hideout and risks his life.
Hwang Jung-min, who tries to escape from the extreme, is raising questions about what kind of crisis he might have faced.

Hwang Jung-min, who is set to release his first film in 2021, said, “I wanted it to be a movie that can give a lot of energy.” While watching the movie, the audience expressed confidence by saying, “Wow, wow, how can I do this?”

‘Host’ is scheduled to be released in August.

[Yang So-young, Star Today reporter]


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