‘International Couple’ Kim Hee-cheol “(on smartphone) almost everything is…”


‘History enthusiast’ French wife Meghan and her husband, a love saboteur appears.

In the 6th episode of MBN’s ‘International Couple’, which will be aired at 11 pm on the 2nd (Friday), the story of the Megan couple who had a quarrel due to ‘smartphone’ addiction will be revealed.

On this day’s broadcast, Meghan struggles with her husband looking for a smartphone as soon as she wakes up. She even said that when her husband went into the bathroom with his smartphone and didn’t come out for a while, she wondered if it was just her husband. Expectations are high how the foreign wives who watched this would react.

On the other hand, Kim Hee-cheol asks a question on behalf of the production team who said it was difficult to communicate with international wives, saying, “Why can’t international wives be so contacted?” It is said that foreign wives such as Russian Anna and Belarus Aliona expressed their attitude that they could never understand ‘smartphone addiction’.

In addition, Meghan puts a super strong force called ‘smartphone seizure’ to her husband who can’t let go of her smartphone whether she is married to herself or married to a smartphone. However, when something unexpected happens, Megan and her husband are in a tense nerve battle over the ‘smartphone’, attracting attention.

Meanwhile, Kim Hee-cheol reveals the ‘this’ he is addicted to. Not only does he reveal that he looks in the mirror first as soon as he enters the house, he also says that his smartphone is full of ‘OOO’, bringing laughter to the studio. What the story of Kim Hee-cheol’s ‘narcissism’ will be makes this broadcast more awaited.

Megan and Kim Hee-cheol’s ‘addiction’ anecdote can be seen on MBN’s entertainment program ‘International Couple’, which will be broadcast at 11 pm on the 2nd (Fri).

[Jin Hyang-hee, Star Today reporter]
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