‘The Joy of Conversation 3’ Yang Hee-eun “There is a burden to overcome ‘Morning Dew’ and ‘Evergreen'”

‘The Joy of Conversation 3’ Yang Hee-eun reveals her burden of singing.

In KBS2’s ‘The Joy of Conversation 3’ (directed by Shin Su-jeong), which will be broadcast on July 1, the second conversation with ‘Korean folk song godmother’ Yang Hee-eun continues. Yang Hee-eun, a singer with 51 years of debut, who created famous songs of the times such as ‘Morning Dew’ and ‘Evergreen’, talks about the charm of radio, which became a new turning point in her life.

Another job of Yang Hee-eun is a radio DJ. Yang Hee-eun is writing history as a radio DJ as much as a singer. Leading the ‘Women’s Era’ for 22 years since 1999 and communicating with many listeners.

On this day, Yang Hee-eun talks about the reason that led her to focus on radio. Yang Hee-eun said, “There was a sense of pressure to overcome ‘Morning Dew’ and ‘Evergreen’. Singing seemed like a difficult task to solve,” he said, talking about life as a radio DJ who became a new turning point. What was the power of radio that led Yang Hee-eun, who was in trouble?

On the other hand, Yoo Hee-yeol tells the story of a witness who was surprised by the appearance of Yang Hee-eun, who is still trembling on stage. I saw Yang Hee-eun nervous while recording ‘Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook’. Yang Hee-eun said, “I have a fear when I stand on stage (still),” and he draws attention by saying that she brings out her strict beliefs when it comes to singing.

The conversation with Yang Hee-eun, who spreads radio emotions, is expected to warm everyone’s hearts. Yang Hee-eun unveils stories related to the greatest story of all time, including an episode of a phone call with President Moon Jae-in. Also, it is a back door that surprises the MCs by telling the story of her past as an ‘all-round DJ’, from recruiting guests to writing scripts and editing reel tapes.

One-night deep talk with Yang Hee-eun KBS2’s ‘The Joy of Conversation 3’ is broadcast on July 1st at 10:40 pm.

[Yang So-young, Star Today reporter]


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