JYP Soul Cup Cafe

2020-03-14 Aru 0

Who is there fan of TWICE or GOT7? Maybe StrayKids? Maybe old school idols like 2PM and 2AM? Here is it, if you want to meet idols in real life with your eyes, come to JYP Entertainment and wait.  Wait in SOUL CUP CAFÉ. SOUL CUP […]

Part time jobs: D-2 and D-4 visa holders

2020-03-14 Aru 0

Many foreigners who will be in Korea for a long time try to get a job to support for themselves. But not everyone can work, namely those who have valid visas. To note, student visas such as D-2 and D-4 will not be able to work the first […]

Study abroad:Kookmin University

2020-03-07 Aru 0

Hello, I will introduce today one of the top universities of the Korea 국민대학교 Kookmin University. Kookmin University is located in Seoul, Seongbuk-gu. Now in […]