Worldwide favorite BTS released a collection with FILA. The theme of the collection is space and stars. Name of collection is Voyager Collection. The collection was launched in 1977.This time they released clothes and shoes with the zodiac signs of seven BTS members. The Voyager collection graphicly used the constellationContinue Reading

Who is there fan of TWICE or GOT7? Maybe StrayKids? Maybe old school idols like 2PM and 2AM? Here is it, if you want to meet idols in real life with your eyes, come to JYP Entertainment and wait.  Wait in SOUL CUP CAFÉ. SOUL CUP CAFÉ is café where you can relax with coffee or tea(it depends on your taste) and watch new music videos of JYP artists. Since I’m a big fan of JYP Entertainment, I was really happy seeing my favorite entertainment and even café with my eyes. There is nothing like k-pop stuff. You can just enjoy your time with cup of coffee, but point that café is JYP’s. I ask you if you saw your idols,Continue Reading

Many foreigners who will be in Korea for a long time try to get a job to support for themselves. But not everyone can work, namely those who have valid visas. To note, student visas such as D-2 and D-4 will not be able to work the first six months.  And even after six months, there is a job restriction for students.  It depends on the results of the TOPIK how many hours (10-25 hours) you can work per week. And at the weekends and holiday time there are no restrictions.Continue Reading

Every tourist or foreign and Korean people know that living in Korea is expensive. Really. But there are so many options where you can live cheaply in Korea. And here they are. 1) If you are а tourist  with a minimal budget, then of course hostels. In Korea, and especiallyContinue Reading

Studying in Korea is a lot of people’s dream. But many people do not know about scholarships in Korea. So if you think it’s impossible to study in Korea for free, then you’re wrong. 1) University scholarships Almost every university in the world has its own scholarships. When you applyContinue Reading

How to prepare for TOPIK Writing? When you start your essay you only must know what are you want to write. Part of the essay in TOPIK is the most stressful moment, unless you are ready for it. And what advised by foreigners who received the fifth and sixth levelContinue Reading

If you love Korean entertainment, you would love everything in Korea. And of course, there are many foreign students in Korea and it is growing more and more every year. And if you want to study in the country of morning freshness, keep in mind these advantages of living inContinue Reading

There are many beauty shops in Korea where you can find every cosmetic product. So, there is one store which one is really comfortable for shopping. Korean cosmetics stores are convenient in that each brand is located separately and each store employee is ready to help you. Today I wantContinue Reading

TOPIK-Test of Proficiency in Korean Every foreign student or people which want to work in Korea need to have an Topik Exam. At the moment, test has passed one hundred and seventy times. And every year people who have the sixth level of a topic increase. And the Korean languageContinue Reading

Korea is a paradise for shopaholics. Korea is a paradise for K-popers. Korea is a paradise for those who love makeup more than clothes. In Korea, there are a lot of areas where you can find clothes for every taste, any size. A lot of Korean cosmetics stores where youContinue Reading

Hello, I will introduce today one of the top universities of the Korea 국민대학교 Kookmin University. Kookmin University is located in Seoul, Seongbuk-gu. Now in Kookmin University 2,300 international students and 20,000 Korean students. The international rank and reputation go up every year and Kookmin University is one of theContinue Reading