The Fashion industry is continuously expanding in South Korea because its designers are being to integrate their international audiences into Korean culture. Korea is slowly opening its doors to the world and allowing people to explore other lifestyles through channels such as fashion. These next five South Korean brands haveContinue Reading

Fashion Week is the highlight of many fashion peoples lives. It gives them the space to network, learn and share ideas with those that idolize the world of fashion. Seoul Fashion Week specifically is engineered to give young upcoming fashion lovers the platform to show the world how they viewContinue Reading

South Korea’s fashion industry is one of the most progressive and well managed internationally. They have an environment where not only citizens enjoy the clothing, but travelers do as well. Almost as if there is a magical energy in the air that transforms you into understanding Korean style and fashion.Continue Reading

Triple Street is a fairly new shopping outlet found in Incheon, South Korea. Though it is quite far from Seoul, it is located close to Yonsei University Incheon Campus, SUNY and Incheon International Airport. They offer a wide variety of stores both luxury and personal so that everyone has anContinue Reading

This area of Seoul is well known for its street performers, restaurants and fashion outlets. Upon arrival you will find that this street is always populated with many visitors during all times of the day or no matter the weather. If you’ve ever been to this shopping street, then you’llContinue Reading