“The Korean fried chicken, “chikin치킨” in Korean, is so far the most appreciated “meal” in Korea by locals and tourists. It can be consumed as an appetizer, a meal, night-snack “yashik – 야식” or anju “안주” (food consumed while drinking alcohol).  After the Korean War, in the early ’50s, theContinue Reading

Last Sunday on April 12th, AOMG‘s artists and DJ guests held a live “AOMG Quarantine Nonstop Live” to benefit people and families affected by the COVID-19. AOMG announced on Instagram they hosted this live “to participate in a social distancing campaign to help on stopping the spread of COVID-19″.Due toContinue Reading

picture of devita new teaser video, neon vibe picture with dark colors and devita standing in the middle

Hip-hop label AOMG’s new artist turns out to be DeVita.On April 8th in the afternoon, AOMG released DeVita’s debut EP ‘CRÈME‘ tracklist and music video teaser for the title song ‘EVITA!‘ through official SNS and YouTube channels to officially join DeVita‘s AOMG. The teaser video of DeVita was fully revealedContinue Reading

The Nth room is a sexual crime that happened online in South Korea between 2018 and 2020. The name is a reference to the multiple secret chatrooms opened to distribute sexually-oriented videos and pictures with a number of 260,000 reported-users.“Baska” and his collaborators have lured over 103 women including atContinue Reading

The Coronavirus situation has led to lockdowns for a great number of countries. As it may be seen as vacations, after several days or weeks at home we all start to feel boredom during this self-isolation period. Here is a playlist to relax and enjoy music while reading, drawing orContinue Reading

Hip-hop is a cultural movement created in the late ’70s in New York City. This cultural genre involved: MCing/Rapping, DJing, B-boying, and Graffiti art. Hip-hop is mainly inspired by some stylistic genres such as funk, disco, electronic, jazz and rhythm&blues. Throughout the last decade, Korean Hip-hop took a major partContinue Reading