Intern Reporter: Shin Jung Woo.(Daewon International middle school)Posted on Nov 05, 2020, 13:53:57 Hello I’m Shin JungWoo of Daewon International School. Today I will look at low birth rate issue and some solutions that South Korea can consider. Low birth rate is a social phenomenon that birth rate generally decreasesContinue Reading

[Maeil Business Star Today Yang So-young] Netflix original series ‘Snowpiercer’ confirmed the production of Season 2. The eternal engine of the train continues to run. A murder occurs on a frozen earth, a train that has been running for seven years after the world ended, and a man in theContinue Reading

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon] Singer Sunmi will make a comeback on the 29th with the new song ‘pporappippam’. Sunmi announced the comeback date on the 17th through the official Instagram at midnight, posting the word “pporappippam”. Fans’ expectations are rising as Sunmi’s comeback date is released through officialContinue Reading

[Maeil Business Star Today Hyunjin Yoo] The group EXO member Chanyeol revealed the recording scene of singer Lee Seon-hee’s new song ‘Anbu’. On the 15th, Chanyeol released a picture taken with Lee Sun-hee on his Instagram along with the text “Is there another such glorious moment…6 o’clock this evening ♥”Continue Reading

There are not a lot of people who look like an elegant picture or a piece of magnificent music, which you want to glance at them for hours and sunk in their gentle voice, sweet and keen eyes, and charming attitude! For me Han Suk-kyu is one of them!:) HanContinue Reading

“Churros” has been a big boom in Korea for several years. If you put cinnamon, cocoa powder, coconut, etc. on freshly fried crispy churros, the sweet scent is irresistible. If the churros are sold at theme parks or movie theaters, many people are tempted by the sweet scent and buyContinue Reading