[Maeil Business Star Today Lee Da-gyeom] As the news that girl group SeeYa will come back in after 9 years was reported, and the expectations of the fans are rising. SeeYa, a three-membered female ballad group, debuted in 2006 with ‘The First Mind’, followed by the dismantling procedure after theContinue Reading

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon] Actress Lee Hani shared her daily life with Yoon Gye-sang. Lee Ha-ni said on her Instagram on 21 March, “The length of day and night is the same. #The Spring Equinox. Afternoon tea. Flowers, Refreshments, Tea cups. Host’s efforts. Patience. Music. Poetry, and evenContinue Reading

[Maeil Business Star Today Seong Jung-eun] Korean actor Daniel Dae Kim best known for the television series ‘LOST’ had tested positive for coronavirus. And he spoke out against the xenophobia and Anti-Asian Racism saying that he was infected in NY, USA. Daniel Dae Kim announced on his Instagram on 20Continue Reading

[Maeil Business Star Today Lee Da-gyeom] The group WINNER’s MINO wrote and composed the pre-release song ‘Hold’ for the 3rd regular album. WINNER’s agency YG Entertainment posted a credit poster for ‘Hold’ on its official blog at 9 am.m on 20 March. According to this, MINO has written and composedContinue Reading

[Maeil Business Star Today Lee Da-kyeom] The group ONEUS has released a teaser video for the first single album ‘IN ITS TIME’. ONEUS raised the anticipations of their comeback by showing Ravn and Xion’s personal teaser video for the first single album ‘IN ITS TIME’ through the official SNS atContinue Reading

[Maeil Business Star Today Lee Da-kyeom] Singer Kang Daniel and ZICO confirmed to release a collaboration song. An official of Connect Entertainment, Kang Daniel’s agency, stated on Maeil Business Star Today on March 17, “Kang Daniel and ZICO are participating in the ‘2020 Pepsi X Global K-POP Project’.“ The twoContinue Reading

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon] The group Noel returns with the new single ‘The Moment’. Noel releases the new single album ‘The Moment’ and music video through the online music site on the 12th at 6:00 pm. Music fans’ expectations were heightened by the news of the upcoming song,Continue Reading

[Maeil Business Star Today Yang So-young] Tzuyu, a member of the group TWICE, has been in home self-quarantine to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. Tzuyu returned to Taiwan on the 3rd because the TWICE concert was canceled. Tsuyu is subjected to 14 days of home quarantine in accordanceContinue Reading