[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today] The behind-the-scenes video of tvN’s “Navillera” Park In-hwan, Song Kang, Na Moon-hee and Hong Seung-hee’s  chemistry exploding poster shoot was released. tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Navillera” (director Han Dong-hwa/writer Lee Eun-mi/production Studio Dragon, The Great Show), which will premiere on the 22nd, isContinue Reading

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today] Actress Jeong Si-a revealed her deep heart for her daughter, Seo-woo. On the 5th, on Instagram, Jeong Si-a said, “Last night, Seowoo: Mom, I have to practice the piano, study math, take the supplies, wash, and work… It’s hard? Isn’t it difficult?Continue Reading

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today] Yoo In-seok, former CEO of Yuri Holdings, who was charged with the charges related to Seungri and Club Burning Sun, a former member of Big Bang, dropped the appeal. As a result, former CEO Yoo In-Seok confirmed a probation from prison sentence, andContinue Reading

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today] Group BTS’ Jimin won the Global Cyber ​​University Special Award, congratulating fans around the world. On the 4th, Jimin won the ‘President’s Award’, a special award conferred to global talents at the 2020 degree conferment ceremony of Global Cyber ​​University held onContinue Reading

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today] Singer and actor IU showed off her innocent beauty without limitsless beauty. Jewelry brand J.ESTINA unveiled an additional 2021 spring advertising campaign with Muse IU on the 5th. The concept of the spring advertising campaign, which was unveiled this time, is “BloomContinue Reading

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today] Korean-German actress Adeline Rudolph will be starred in Marvel’s new female hero ‘Silk’. On March 4 (local time), according to overseas media Comic Book.com, Adeline Rudolph was cast as the lead role in the Marvel Comics female superhero ‘Silk’ TV series produced byContinue Reading

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today] BLACKPINK ROSÉ’s solo debut is about a week ahead, and the title song of her first single album was released for the first time. According to YG Entertainment on the 5th, the title track of Rosé’s first single album is ‘OnContinue Reading