Broadcaster Kim Gura revealed that she is taking care of himself. On the morning of the 14th, KBS 1TV’s ‘Morning Yard’, the ‘Myungbul Heojeon’ corner, was held with ‘With the famous talker Kim Gura’. Broadcaster Kim Gura, son rapper Gree, comedian Cho Hye-ryun, broadcaster Cho Young-goo, and singer Hong Kyung-minContinue Reading

Kang Ho-dong won the match against Lee Jong-hyeong, the chairman of the franchise ‘Myeongrang Hot Dog’, and won. In Kakao TV’s original web entertainment ‘Meoseon 129’, which was released on the 10th, Kang Ho-dong competed with Chairman Lee Jong-hyung for his pride as Kakao TV’s CSO (Chief Subscriber Officer) andContinue Reading

Lee Ji-hye said she was satisfied with her performance. In the tvN entertainment program ‘Flame Boy’ aired on the 10th, Cha In-pyo gave a one-on-one acting lesson to the main character, coach Lim(Lim Yoon-chang), a health trainer as a short film director. On this day, MC Lee Ji-hye watched ChaContinue Reading