Korea is famous for its many cute cafes! There should be many people going on a trip to visit a cafe!! So this time I would like to introduce a famous chain store cafe in Korea. A TWOSOME PLACE It is no exaggeration to say that it is the mostContinue Reading

Chipbook Chip (꼬북칩) This product can be enjoyed now with a new texture! There are three flavors: corn soup, shrimp and cinnamon. However, I think this corn soup tastes the most delicious. It ’s a four-fold snack that has a corn soup taste. You can eat a lot!                    These sweetsContinue Reading

This week is an introduction to sweets. Almond butter is a famous Korean snack These Honey Butter chips were also a huge boom, sold out at supermarkets and convenience stores, and were out of stock. Now they are available everywhere, but at that time it was so popular that itContinue Reading