[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today] Comedian Ahn Young-mi boasted of her beauty. On the 24th, Ahn Young-mi posted a photo on Instagram with the article, “My Pilates teacher gave me a gift to use when going camping. Thank you. Son Na-eun, Solar, Park So-dam, go ahead. Exception?Continue Reading

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today] Singer Ryu Ji-gwang drew attention with a visual like the main character of a pure cartoon. On the 23rd, Ryu Ji-gwang posted a photo on his Instagram with a post titled “I look tired.” In the released photo, Ryu Ji-gwang is standingContinue Reading

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today] Announcer Kang Soo-jung revealed her luxurious life in Hong Kong. Kang Soo-jung posted on Instagram on the 23rd, “My son continuouly said that he is Jaws. Someone sees you that you are very good at swimming. The swimming pool has been openContinue Reading

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today] Comedian Kang Seong-beom and actor Kwon Sang-woo have completely denied allegations of gambling raised through YouTube. On the 20th, YouTuber Kim Yong-ho, a former entertainment reporter, uploaded a video titled “[Exclusive] Kang Seong-beom, Philippine expeditionary expedition,” on his channel. Kim Yong-hoContinue Reading

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today] Broadcasters Kim So-young and Oh Sang-jin celebrated their daughter’s first birthday. On the 20th, former announcer Kim So-young posted two photos on her Instagram, saying, “Today is my baby’s birthday. She was so small when she was born. But I feel gratitudeContinue Reading

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today] Luna from F(X) showed off her swimsuit body. On the 18th, singer Luna posted on her Instagram, “Swimming, which I learned for the first time since I was born… The water is just rightly warm and not cold, so I can swim forContinue Reading