Hyeri did a good deed on her 9th birthday. Hyeri donated 50 million won to the Korean Committee for UNICEF. It will be used in full for the ‘we=she campaign’ that supports girls’ hygiene products. Hyeri said, “I found out that there are still many girls around the world whoContinue Reading

Broadcaster Ji Yeon-soo expressed his pity for his son. Broadcaster Ji Yeon-soo expressed regret for her son. On the 8th, on Instagram, “My lovely son, Min-su’s birthday. Today, I’ve been preparing for Min-su’s birthday for more than a month, and I’ve burned it up.” The photo shows Ji Yeon-soo andContinue Reading

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Seong Jeong-eun] Singers Lim Young-woong, Lee Chan-won, and Youngtak were selected as the 11th donor angels for ‘My Favorite Idol Celebrity’ thanks to the love of their fans. Celebrity popularity ranking service ‘My Favorite Idol Celeb’ announced on the 7th, “Lim Young-woong, Lee Chan-won,Continue Reading

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today intern reporter Lee Ji-young] The vocal group Vibe Yoon Min-soo drew attention by sobbing at Ben’s wedding. On the 7th, Ben posted on her Instagram, “I’ll live well. Don’t cry, sobbing. “I love you ♥ #King of sobbing” and a video. In the released video,Continue Reading

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today intern reporter Lee Ji-young] Husband of broadcaster Ham So-won and Chinese Jin Hua resumed SNS activities after two months. On the 4th, Jin Hua left a message on his Instagram with a picture, “#It’s been a long time…” In the published photo, Jin Hua isContinue Reading

Actors Kim Bu-seon and Jung Woo-sung. Photo|Star Today DB [Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Shin Young-eun] Actress Kim Bu-seon apologized for denouncing Jung Woo-sung and demanded, “If you feel that the Moon Jae-in government supported by Jung Woo-sung is doing the same thing, just as he criticized the ParkContinue Reading

[Byeon Deok-ho, intern reporter at Maekyung.com] Rapper Gary confessed his sweet love to his wife, who is 10 years younger than him. On the 2nd, Gary posted a picture taken with his wife along with a short sentence “Thank you” on his Instagram. In the published photo, Gary’s wife showedContinue Reading