The group SEVENTEEN revealed its position in the controversy that it was late to board the plane. Officials at their office told The Economic start-day of the day that they were late for boarding SEVENTEEN’s plane and said, “We arrived at the appointed time and checked in, but the airportContinue Reading

The program apologized while the Australian public broadcast station was being criticized for making racist remarks while conveying news related to the group bulletproof boy group (BTS) representing K-POP. On the 20th, a news program “20 to one” of Channel 9 of Australian public broadcaster released a short apology onContinue Reading

Singer Kang Daniel revealed his position related to the solo debut. Kang Daniel’s recently-established 1-person planning company, KONNECT Entertainment, said on the 20th to the Economic, “We recently had a conference related to the distribution of the album with Cacao M,” and said, “We are currently spurring on the preparationContinue Reading

An Australian public broadcaster has been criticized for making a racist remark while conveying the news of a group bulletproof boy group (BTS) representing K-POP. ARMY of the whole world has demanded an apology for the bulletproof boy group. On the 20th, Australian broadcaster SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) reported onContinue Reading

Singer Nam Tae Hyun from group WINNER released his income.The “Idol Devils” feature was featured on the talk show “Video Star” on cable channel MBC every 1 broadcasted on the 18th. INFINITE Nam Woo Hyun, VIXX Ken, Nam Tae Hyun, Lindsay from FIESTAR, etc. appeared as guests. On the day,Continue Reading