Fashion in Seoul

2020-04-05 Kavon 0

South Korea’s fashion industry is one of the most progressive and well managed internationally. They have an environment where not only citizens enjoy the clothing, […]

Take a trip to Incheon!

2020-04-05 Kavon 0

Triple Street is a fairly new shopping outlet found in Incheon, South Korea. Though it is quite far from Seoul, it is located close to […]

Color Pool Museum

2020-03-10 Mathilde 0

Color Pool museum is located in Insadong, Seoul, Korea It is a color themed playground with 9 halls, each with their own theme color and […]

Common ground

2020-03-09 Mathilde 0

Common Ground, located near the university of Konkuk in Seoul, is known for being Korea’s first pop-up store built with shipping containers. Now, it is […]


2020-01-15 o2cni 0

“KAKAO FRIENDS STORE” where character goods of the messenger application “KAKAO TALK” are lined up. The first floor with the latest goods. New concept products […]


2020-01-07 o2cni 0

The flagship store of Korean fashion brand “ chuu “, which is familiar with “ -5 kg ​​Jeans “, which is popular when it looks slim, […]


2020-01-07 o2cni 0

The popular Korean fashion brand “STYLENANDA” started from an online shop. The store in Myeongdong, opened in October 2016, is very popular not only with […]


2020-01-07 o2cni 0

Character goods shop “Line Friends Store” of the messenger application “LINE”. Myeongdong Station Store is located in Myeongdong, a popular tourist area, and attracts many […]

BTS series ④

2019-10-31 saya 0

LAUNDRY PIZZA It became famous for the places where BTS and other idols photographed. The inside was full of foreigners. It seems that the ones […]

BTS series③

2019-10-28 saya 0

BTS POP-UP: HOUSE OF BTS This time we’re going for a limited time I will introduce it. Now near Gangnam A BTS studio has been […]

BTS series ②

2019-10-25 saya 0

EBLIN  This is a Korean pajamas store! BTS pajamas are available here. It is a product that collaboration with EBLIN (underwear brand)   It ’s lined […]