South Korea’s fashion industry is one of the most progressive and well managed internationally. They have an environment where not only citizens enjoy the clothing, but travelers do as well. Almost as if there is a magical energy in the air that transforms you into understanding Korean style and fashion.Continue Reading

Triple Street is a fairly new shopping outlet found in Incheon, South Korea. Though it is quite far from Seoul, it is located close to Yonsei University Incheon Campus, SUNY and Incheon International Airport. They offer a wide variety of stores both luxury and personal so that everyone has anContinue Reading

This area of Seoul is well known for its street performers, restaurants and fashion outlets. Upon arrival you will find that this street is always populated with many visitors during all times of the day or no matter the weather. If you’ve ever been to this shopping street, then you’llContinue Reading

Worldwide favorite BTS released a collection with FILA. The theme of the collection is space and stars. Name of collection is Voyager Collection. The collection was launched in 1977.This time they released clothes and shoes with the zodiac signs of seven BTS members. The Voyager collection graphicly used the constellationContinue Reading

There are many beauty shops in Korea where you can find every cosmetic product. So, there is one store which one is really comfortable for shopping. Korean cosmetics stores are convenient in that each brand is located separately and each store employee is ready to help you. Today I wantContinue Reading

Color Pool museum is located in Insadong, Seoul, Korea It is a color themed playground with 9 halls, each with their own theme color and theme scent. 7 of them are indoor park, one is an outdoor garden and the last one is a gift shop. It is said toContinue Reading

Common Ground, located near the university of Konkuk in Seoul, is known for being Korea’s first pop-up store built with shipping containers. Now, it is made up with 200 large containers where you can find trendy mid-sized shops rather than the very big mainstream brands The area is divided intoContinue Reading

Korea is a paradise for shopaholics. Korea is a paradise for K-popers. Korea is a paradise for those who love makeup more than clothes. In Korea, there are a lot of areas where you can find clothes for every taste, any size. A lot of Korean cosmetics stores where youContinue Reading

“KAKAO FRIENDS STORE” where character goods of the messenger application “KAKAO TALK” are lined up. The first floor with the latest goods. New concept products such as mugs and stuffed toys are replaced every season. The main floor of the shop is the second floor. Various products are displayed, fromContinue Reading

The flagship store of Korean fashion brand “ chuu “, which is familiar with “ -5 kg ​​Jeans “, which is popular when it looks slim, opened in downtown Myeongdong in January 2019. The location of the store is near the Myeong-dong subway station, and the pink appearance that can beContinue Reading

The popular Korean fashion brand “STYLENANDA” started from an online shop. The store in Myeongdong, opened in October 2016, is very popular not only with Koreans but also with overseas visitors. As the name implies, the Myeongdong branch, named “Pink Hotel”, is based on the concept of a cute pinkContinue Reading

Character goods shop “Line Friends Store” of the messenger application “LINE”. Myeongdong Station Store is located in Myeongdong, a popular tourist area, and attracts many tourists every day. The shop consists of two floors, and there are plenty of cute character goods such as stuffed animals, stationery, iPhone cases, andContinue Reading

LAUNDRY PIZZA It became famous for the places where BTS and other idols photographed. The inside was full of foreigners. It seems that the ones on the 1st floor and the basement are affiliated stores but the ones sold are different. So I want you to be careful. The groundContinue Reading

BTS POP-UP: HOUSE OF BTS This time we’re going for a limited time I will introduce it. Now near Gangnam A BTS studio has been created. It seems that Saturday and Sunday of the first week are lined up for over 4 hours. I went on Monday, so I wasContinue Reading

EBLIN  This is a Korean pajamas store! BTS pajamas are available here. It is a product that collaboration with EBLIN (underwear brand)   It ’s lined up by specific members in this store that way it is easy to choose and easy to see. I think you can see what itContinue Reading

[Reporter Park Se-yeon, Daily Economic Star] 23 kinds of “ Kakao Friends Twice Edition ” goods, in collaboration with Kakao IX’s character brand Kakao Friends, will be released on the 19th at the same time. The Kakao Friends Twice Edition is the first collaboration Kakao Friends has with TWICE. MembersContinue Reading