The Bay 101 is a famous nightlife spot of Busan. From luxury tours to eating Korean delicacies, you can enjoy it all there while being surrounded by the stunning lights of the city. As the place is not far from Haeundae, you can access to it simply by walking afterContinue Reading

Anyone who spends some time in Busan knows about Haeundae Beach. Haeundae is one of the most famous beaches of the city and is surrounded with events all year round. A festival takes place there every year around the end of May: The Haeundae Sand Festival. During this festival, HaeundaeContinue Reading

Nami Island is a half-moon shaped island located in Chuncheon,Gangwon Province in South Korea, 63km from Seoul and in the middle of Han River. It was formed after the construction of the Cheongpyeong Dam in 1944. Indeed, as the North Han River started rising, the land around was inundated, leadingContinue Reading

Common Ground, located near the university of Konkuk in Seoul, is known for being Korea’s first pop-up store built with shipping containers. Now, it is made up with 200 large containers where you can find trendy mid-sized shops rather than the very big mainstream brands The area is divided intoContinue Reading

Busan Gamcheon culture village is located in Busan, the second most-populous city in South Korea. It has been nicknamed “Machu Picchu of Busan” as it was built on the foothills of a coastal mountain. After the Korean War, the area was home for refugees who had lost their home andContinue Reading

“BLUE SQUARE” is a large performance venue operated by Interpark, which is known for travel and ticket reservations. Since its opening in 2011, there have been numerous renowned musical performances and popular concerts such as “Elisabeth” and “Mata Hari.” The location is directly connected and easy to access from HangangjinContinue Reading

Changgyeonggung Palace is located in the heart of Seoul city, where the majestic atmosphere unique to the ancient palace and the rich nature are in harmony. On the south side of Changgyeonggung Palace is Jongmyo Shrine, and on the west side is Changdeokgung Palace, which served as the detached palaceContinue Reading

The street between Walking Street and Parking Street is called Hongdae Street. On the left-hand side of the street, there are mainly small cheap clothing stores and general stores. Items sold include clothes, bags, shoes, hats, socks, iPhone cases, and more. And on the right side of the street, relativelyContinue Reading

A road that goes down the hill from the main street of Itaewon, a city full of exoticism, to the Han River. The area around this is called Hannam-dong. The name of the place is given because there is “Hang River” in front of the town and “Namsan”, famous forContinue Reading

[Three artificial islands floating beside the Han River and Banpo Bridge] An artificial island right next to Banpo Bridge, where there is a popular fountain show in the Han river, is “세빛섬 (some sevit)”. “세빛 = three lights” and “섬 = island” mean “three shining islands”. The islands are calledContinue Reading

Dongdaemun Design Plaza was born on March 21, 2014, after spending about 4 years and 8 months and spending an enormous amount of about 400 billion won on the site of the former Dongdaemun Stadium, which used to be a ballpark and soccer stadium. Because it is written in EnglishContinue Reading

Located next to Hongdae, a popular city for young people, Yeonnam-dong is a quiet and calm residential area. Originally known as the restaurant area, as the Hongdae area grew in popularity, shops began to move to this area where tenant fees are lower, and it has become a new hotspot.Continue Reading

“MECENATPOLIS MALL”, directly connected to Hapjeong Station, next to Hongdae Station, was built in the lower part (2nd basement floor to 2nd floor above ground) of the VVIP apartment where celebrities and corporate CEOs live. A complex with a total area of ​​800 square meters. An open-type street mall withContinue Reading

Mangwon-dong, which spreads near the Hangang River on the west side of Hongdae, a popular area, has developed around the Mangwon market since ancient times. In the past, it was a local traditional market, but the gourmet of the market that frequently appears on TV programs, etc. is gaining popularity,Continue Reading

In Itaewon, an international city with many foreigners, there is an antique furniture store full of exotic “Itaewon Antique Furniture” where about 100 shops reside, selling miscellaneous goods that are lined up. This began in 1970 when US military and U.S. embassy staff and their families left the furniture theyContinue Reading

Speaking of Yongsan, Yongsan Electronics Shopping Street (용산전자상가) is famous, but this time we want to introduce a large shopping mall “I’ Park Mall” adjacent to Yongsan Station. The large shopping mall “I’ Park Mall” is directly connected to Yongsan Station on Subway Line 1. It is a multicultural livingContinue Reading

There is a slope of about 1km that runs from Noksapyeong Station on Subway Line 6 to the foot of Namsan. This street, called “Gyeonglidan Street”, has been attracting attention in recent years as a unique street in Seoul, where you can find petit restaurants and unique cafés and shopsContinue Reading

Deoksugung Palace is one of the five great palaces in Korea. Located in a business district with towering skyscrapers beside the Seoul City Hall, it is a kind of oasis-like space where office workers take a walk during lunch break. Originally a residence where the royal family lived in theContinue Reading

The National Historic Site No. 284 building, built in 1925 and used as Seoul Station until 2004. In August 2011, the building was restored to its original form and became the “Cultural Station Seoul 284,” where various cultural activities are performed inside. It is a Renaissance style with 2 floorsContinue Reading