Located near Naksan Park, the colorful and unique murals drawn on the road, shops, houses, walls under the bridge, stairs, and house meters are exciting just by looking at them. There are a wide range of works regardless of genre, and there are some works of art besides murals. SinceContinue Reading

Incheon Chinatown is a Chinese town on the east side of Incheon Station, which is about an hour west from Seoul. Chinatown, which is rare in Korea, has been around for 130 years since its opening at the end of the Joseon Dynasty. In recent years, gorgeous Chinese-style decorations haveContinue Reading

Insa-dong is a traditional fragrant art town with calligraphy and antiques. Traditional crafts and traditional teahouses gather on the main street of Insa-dong, and there is a Korean restaurant and pub where you can drink makgeolli. Ssamji-gil 쌈지길 This is a “traditional craft shopping mall” with a new feel, whereContinue Reading

Itaewon has long developed as a shopping street for foreigners, and Recently, Gyeongridan street and Hannam-dong, where restaurants and cafes are gathered, are also popular as new places for Itaewon. Itaewon Street  Itaewon Street is near the 8th U.S. Army Yongsan Base and the Islamic Seoul Central Seine (mosque), ItContinue Reading

A library in COEX, a large mall in Samson-dong, Gangnam. A huge bookshelf that reaches from the floor to the high ceiling attracts attention. The ceiling is designed to allow outside light to enter, and the feeling of the opening is outstanding. The total area is 2,800㎡, and the heightContinue Reading

“Shaloskill” is a Korean area popular with Korean girls and tourists. But now, “Sharo Skill” with a name similar to Garosugil is HOT. Shaloskill 샤로 수길 refers to the area of ​​“Guananro 14 kill” at Exit 2 of Seoul National University Station. Named after the famous Korean art objects “Sha”Continue Reading

Korea Travel N Seoul Tower & Myeoing-dong 많이 많이 봐주세요 ^^ Please come and see a lot from now on. [ⓒmottokorea All rights reserved]Continue Reading

Stroll along the lighted road while listening to the sound of water flowing gently. Cheonggyecheon is a place where you can spend such a rich time. Cheonggyecheon is a historic river that lasted before the Joseon Dynasty. The water flowing through the river is beautiful because it uses the waterContinue Reading

Hangdong Railway is an unused track in Guro-gu (구로구). Go out Exit 2 of Chorwan Station on Subway Line 7 and walk a little in the direction of Ounce Station, a traffic light will come out, but if you look at the road on the left immediately after the signal,Continue Reading

This time, we will introduce the N Seoul Tower, a popular sightseeing spot but also a popular date course. I took a cable car the first time and walked the second time. It took 3 to 40 minutes on foot, but it wasn’t so difficult. The night view that spreadsContinue Reading

The market is full of locals and tourists every day. Famous for 100 years of traditional Hanbok. Old fashioned candy. Because many tourists visit, sweets are popular with tourists and goods that can be used on airplanes were also sold. There are many stalls. 빈대떡, 분식, 칼국수, etc. Since IContinue Reading

Dongdaemun is a city where you can enjoy lots of night shopping. This time I would like to introduce two famous shopping malls in Dongdaemun. DOOTA MALL Shops of various genres such as cosmetics shops, household goods stores, and interior shops are gathered here. It also focuses on the ladies’Continue Reading

A famous tourist destination, Myeongdong. Speaking of Myeongdong, there are a lot of stalls. This time I would like to introduce food stalls in Myeongdong. Myeongdong is crowded with tourists every day. 계란 빵 egg bread / 2000won Fried egg is on the slightly sweet bread dough. It has aContinue Reading

The most famous river in Korea. Hangang. If you are interested in Korea, you know. This time we will introduce how to enjoy the Yeoeuido Han River Park in front of Hangang. Cycling is possible! Cycling courses are set up to enjoy cycling safely. There are also two-seaters, so IContinue Reading

I went to Naksan Park last week. I’ve always wanted to go there since I first saw it in a magazine a few years ago, and my dream finally came true. There is a bus that will take you to the top of the hill, but I felt that myContinue Reading

A healing spot in a big city. It’s a mistake to think that Seoul, the biggest city in Korea, has no place to feel nature.  There is a Seoul Forest where you can feel nature in Seongdong-gu ttukseom-ro. Seoul Forest is not a real forest, but it is a veryContinue Reading

There are several famous parks in Seoul. One of them is the Sky Park. Located in Sangam-dong Mapo-gu, there are five large parks around it. If you walk a little, you can see Han River. (Noeul Park, World Cup Stadium, Peace Park, Nanji Hangang Park, Nanjicheon Park) Access >>> ThereContinue Reading

STAR AVENUE Lotte Duty-Free Shop  Myeong-dong Main Store Reopened on September 1, 2016, It seems that you can enjoy the feeling of being in front of a K-POP idol all while being in front of a large screen. It’s an amazing place and a tourist spot. So many people visitContinue Reading

This picture is from an event that is held every winter. It is from the lantern festival last year. There were character lanterns and various lanterns that floated around. There are also booths, for example, last year there was a commemorative photo booth.  You can also set off a smallContinue Reading

Naksan Park is a popular place to visit during the day,Koreans can come and enjoy drinking at night while having a picnic. Also, the scenery is lit up differently during the daytime. However, it may be difficult to walk because there are many steep slopes and stairs.There are bars, rooftops,Continue Reading