Ihwa-dong Mural Village

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Located near Naksan Park, the colorful and unique murals drawn on the road, shops, houses, walls under the bridge, stairs, and house meters are exciting […]

Incheon Chinatown

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Incheon Chinatown is a Chinese town on the east side of Incheon Station, which is about an hour west from Seoul. Chinatown, which is rare […]

Insa-dong 인사동

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Insa-dong is a traditional fragrant art town with calligraphy and antiques. Traditional crafts and traditional teahouses gather on the main street of Insa-dong, and there […]

Itaewon Street

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Itaewon has long developed as a shopping street for foreigners, and Recently, Gyeongridan street and Hannam-dong, where restaurants and cafes are gathered, are also popular […]


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“Shaloskill” is a Korean area popular with Korean girls and tourists. But now, “Sharo Skill” with a name similar to Garosugil is HOT. Shaloskill 샤로 […]

YouTube 11/29 N Seoul Tower

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Korea Travel N Seoul Tower & Myeoing-dong 많이 많이 봐주세요 ^^ Please come and see a lot from now on. [ⓒmottokorea All rights reserved]


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Stroll along the lighted road while listening to the sound of water flowing gently. Cheonggyecheon is a place where you can spend such a rich […]

N Seoul Tower

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This time, we will introduce the N Seoul Tower, a popular sightseeing spot but also a popular date course. I took a cable car the […]

Myeongdong food stalls

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A famous tourist destination, Myeongdong. Speaking of Myeongdong, there are a lot of stalls. This time I would like to introduce food stalls in Myeongdong. […]

하늘 공원 ~Sky Park~

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There are several famous parks in Seoul. One of them is the Sky Park. Located in Sangam-dong Mapo-gu, there are five large parks around it. […]

BTS series①

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STAR AVENUE Lotte Duty-Free Shop  Myeong-dong Main Store Reopened on September 1, 2016, It seems that you can enjoy the feeling of being in front […]

Naksan Park

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Naksan Park is a popular place to visit during the day,Koreans can come and enjoy drinking at night while having a picnic. Also, the scenery […]