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At CHURRO101, located in Hongdae, a city where Korean youth gather, you can eat freshly fried colorful churros. The dark chocolate berry crunch churros, with […]


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DINGA CAKE HOUSE is a popular cake shop located in the Hongdae area. The owner did the DIY by himself, the appearance and interior now […]

Hongdae Street

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The street between Walking Street and Parking Street is called Hongdae Street. On the left-hand side of the street, there are mainly small cheap clothing […]


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Located next to Hongdae, a popular city for young people, Yeonnam-dong is a quiet and calm residential area. Originally known as the restaurant area, as […]

Hongdae Walking Street

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On the Hongdae Walking Street (걷고싶은거리), which spreads from around Hongdae Entrance Station, street performances such as dance and live music are performed every day […]

Picasso Street

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Hongik University Many students from all over Korea who are aspiring to be artists, designers, architects, and musicians come together here. Hongik University is one […]


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“LIZE AND MILKCOCOA” is a select shop derived from the online women’s fashion brand “milkcocoa”. It was born as an online shop in 2008 and […]

Hongdae Club Street

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Hongdae area is known as an artistic city with fashionable cafes and shops. When the sun goes down, it turns into one of Seoul’s best […]

Parking Street

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There are many gourmet shops, cafes, and cheap and cute clothes, accessories, and general goods stores on the “Parking street”, which extends on both sides […]

Hongdae Dabokgil

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Hongdae Dabokgil, which extends from Mapo Tourist Information Center in the direction of Sinchon, and the shopping street next to it, are especially unique in […]

Sangsang Madang

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“Sangsang Madang” is a cultural complex space with a unique design in Hongdae, the center of art and culture. Aiming to become a “place of […]