Maison De Avecel

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Maison De Avecel is a cafe in Hyehwa-dong. It is very popular with girls in Seoul and has a line before the store opens on […]

cafe photosynthesis

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Since Hongdae became the largest downtown area in Korea, interesting shops have started to increase in Hapjeong, Sangsu and Mangwon areas around Hongdae. Among them, […]

BT21 cafe

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BTS fans from all over the world are searching for BT21 drinks that appeared in February 2018 at “LINE FRIENDS Cafe”. “BT21,” said that members […]

마녀주방 (Witch Kitchen)

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A popular horror restaurant in Korea, “마녀주방 (Witch Kitchen)” Not only the appearance but also the food is very delicious, and it is famous among […]

hi hey hello!

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“Hi hey hello!” is located in serosugil, a path near the popular tourist attraction Garosugil. This is a cafe where you can enjoy coffee and […]


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“K-STAR ROAD” is located in front of the “Galleria Department Store EAST” on the Subway Bundang Line in front of Apgujeong Rodeo Station. “K-STAR ROAD” […]

Gwangmyeong Cave

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​ Gwangmyeong Cave is a cave theme park built in an abandoned mine that has become a tourist spot. The total length is 8.7km and […]

Wolmi Island

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Wolmi Island(월미도/月尾島)is located in Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea. Formerly a remote island, it has become land and continuation by landfill. The island was named for […]

Gwanghwamun 광화문

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The history of Gwanghwamun The main gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace, which was founded in 1395, was named “Sajeongmun”, but it was changed to “Gwanghwamun” in […]

Bukchon Hanok Village

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Bukchon Hanok Village, surrounded by Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, and Jongmyo, remains from the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) to the present It is an area where Hanok, a […]

Ihwa-dong Mural Village

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Located near Naksan Park, the colorful and unique murals drawn on the road, shops, houses, walls under the bridge, stairs, and house meters are exciting […]

Incheon Chinatown

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Incheon Chinatown is a Chinese town on the east side of Incheon Station, which is about an hour west from Seoul. Chinatown, which is rare […]

Insa-dong 인사동

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Insa-dong is a traditional fragrant art town with calligraphy and antiques. Traditional crafts and traditional teahouses gather on the main street of Insa-dong, and there […]

Itaewon Street

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Itaewon has long developed as a shopping street for foreigners, and Recently, Gyeongridan street and Hannam-dong, where restaurants and cafes are gathered, are also popular […]

clart coffee

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A stylish cafe in yeonnam-dong. The name of the cafe is “ Clarte Coffee “ It is divided into the second floor and the third […]

Cafe 溫

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Cafe On located in the alley of Hanok Street in Ikseon-dong. This cafe is famous for its delicious desserts. The Desserts are made directly at […]


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“Shaloskill” is a Korean area popular with Korean girls and tourists. But now, “Sharo Skill” with a name similar to Garosugil is HOT. Shaloskill 샤로 […]