Street Churros

2020-02-22 o2cni 0

“Churros” has been a big boom in Korea for several years. If you put cinnamon, cocoa powder, coconut, etc. on freshly fried crispy churros, the […]


2020-01-14 o2cni 0

Walk a little from Gangnam Station Exit 11 and you will see Gangnam Cafe Street. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the […]


2020-01-12 o2cni 0

Have you heard of the “Pink Pool Cafe”, which has been talked about since its opening? As the name suggests, it is a cafe with […]

machi machi

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“machi machi” is called “God’s Cheese Tea” by Taiwanese media, and is a hot topic cheese tea specialty store. Each cup of Taiwanese tea is […]

hi hey hello!

2019-12-20 o2cni 0

“Hi hey hello!” is located in serosugil, a path near the popular tourist attraction Garosugil. This is a cafe where you can enjoy coffee and […]


2019-12-18 o2cni 0

At OSULLOC TEA HOUSE, you can enjoy a variety of menus, from drinks using green tea, such as a latte and ice cream float, to […]


2019-12-16 o2cni 0

“JUICY”, which has stores all over Korea, including Seoul, is a fresh juice specialty store loved by locals. It is operated exclusively for take-out, and […]


2019-12-16 o2cni 0

I would like to introduce a delicious tart cafe located in Ikseon-dong. There are no seats on the first floor, you can finish your orders […]

clart coffee

2019-12-11 o2cni 0

A stylish cafe in yeonnam-dong. The name of the cafe is “ Clarte Coffee “ It is divided into the second floor and the third […]

coffee urban

2019-12-11 o2cni 0

This is an introduction to a nice cafe with a retro atmosphere that is open until 3 am in Sinlim. There are cafes on the […]


2019-12-11 o2cni 0

A bakery café with delicious bread located on Café Street in Hannam-dong(한남동). COLECTIVO is four stories high. First-floor → COFFEE BAR, BAKERY Second-floor → SEATS […]


2019-12-11 o2cni 0

Cafe where brown sugar milk tea is popular. At the beginning of the opening in May this year, there was a line in the morning, […]

Cafe 溫

2019-12-03 o2cni 0

Cafe On located in the alley of Hanok Street in Ikseon-dong. This cafe is famous for its delicious desserts. The Desserts are made directly at […]


2019-12-03 o2cni 0

“Shaloskill” is a Korean area popular with Korean girls and tourists. But now, “Sharo Skill” with a name similar to Garosugil is HOT. Shaloskill 샤로 […]

Innisfree Green Cafe

2019-11-29 o2cni 0

A cafe on the main street of Myeongdong. This café, developed by the famous Korean cosmetic brand Innisfree, is a four-story building. The first floor […]

One in a million

2019-11-27 o2cni 0

Do you know that there is a famous cafe street in Itaewon? There are dozens of different types of cafes. Today, I would like to […]

FlowerCafe ARRIATE

2019-11-26 o2cni 0

This time, we will introduce a cute flower cafe that is just a 1-minute walk from Exit 9 of Hongik University Station. The first floor […]