One in a million

2019-11-27 o2cni 0

Do you know that there is a famous cafe street in Itaewon? There are dozens of different types of cafes. Today, I would like to […]

Myeongdong food stalls

2019-11-27 o2cni 0

A famous tourist destination, Myeongdong. Speaking of Myeongdong, there are a lot of stalls. This time I would like to introduce food stalls in Myeongdong. […]

FlowerCafe ARRIATE

2019-11-26 o2cni 0

This time, we will introduce a cute flower cafe that is just a 1-minute walk from Exit 9 of Hongik University Station. The first floor […]

타르타르 tarr tarr

2019-11-26 o2cni 0

This time, we will introduce a cafe with delicious tarts. The name of the cafe is 타르타르 tarr tarr Since 타르타르 is a very popular […]

하늘 공원 ~Sky Park~

2019-11-19 o2cni 0

There are several famous parks in Seoul. One of them is the Sky Park. Located in Sangam-dong Mapo-gu, there are five large parks around it. […]


2019-11-19 o2cni 0

Introducing a nice cafe located in Gwanaggu Daehagdong, a town where many students live. The cafe is a one-story building, but it is relatively spacious […]

Naksan Park

2019-10-07 saya 0

Naksan Park is a popular place to visit during the day,Koreans can come and enjoy drinking at night while having a picnic. Also, the scenery […]