Fashion in Seoul

2020-04-05 Kavon 0

South Korea’s fashion industry is one of the most progressive and well managed internationally. They have an environment where not only citizens enjoy the clothing, […]

Street Churros

2020-02-22 o2cni 0

“Churros” has been a big boom in Korea for several years. If you put cinnamon, cocoa powder, coconut, etc. on freshly fried crispy churros, the […]


2020-02-22 o2cni 0

Located in the back alley of Gyeonglidan Street, where unique shops are located, SARU is a unique cafe where you can enjoy not only delicious […]


2020-02-22 o2cni 0

In Korea, where there are many stylish cafes, cafes from various countries are entering the market. Opened in 2018, Vietnam’s famous cafe chain store “CONG […]


2020-02-19 o2cni 0

The eyewear brand “CARIN” from Korea is a popular brand that has many loyal users, including models and comedians, and actress’s use. The café produced […]

cafe Hyehwa-dong

2020-02-18 o2cni 0

A quiet café in the youthful city of Daehangno(대학로). Daehangno is a little known place compared to Myeongdong and Hongdae, For Koreans, it is a […]


2020-02-18 o2cni 0

Cafe Clazic is a fashionable cafe in the Euljiro area of ​​Korea. A new spot that has recently started attracting attention among local Koreans. When […]


2020-02-17 o2cni 0

“BLUE SQUARE” is a large performance venue operated by Interpark, which is known for travel and ticket reservations. Since its opening in 2011, there have […]

Maison De Avecel

2020-02-13 o2cni 0

Maison De Avecel is a cafe in Hyehwa-dong. It is very popular with girls in Seoul and has a line before the store opens on […]


2020-02-13 o2cni 0

Anthracite, which has a reputation for delicious coffee beans, has opened its fourth store within a 5-minute walk from Mangwon Station. A house with a […]

Stamp Coffee

2020-02-13 o2cni 0

This time, we will introduce the popular cafe “Stamp Coffee” which is famous for its meringue cookies with dog motifs. The most popular meringue cookies […]

assiette &

2020-02-13 o2cni 0

The cafe introduced this time is assiette & (아씨에뜨 앤) located in Uljiro, Seoul. Store name “Assiette &” Assiette in French means “tableware, small plates” […]


2020-02-13 o2cni 0

“LUFT COFFEE” is a popular Korean cafe where you can taste authentic Hawaiian coffee. The Myeongdong branch, a popular topic on SNS, is a 4-minute […]